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Newsletters are a great tool for your Diving related business. They are easy to create and inexpensive to distribute. With eMail Marketing companies like Constant Contact, you can produce a high quality newsletter with informative text, add pictures, link to your social media network, and email to your entire distribution list. Newsletters serve a dual purpose being they are a good tool for your customers and your staff as well. For your customers, newsletters inform, entertain and motivate. People tend to do business with you because somewhere along the line you met their needs, usually in a social context, and have formed some type of relationship with them. If you want to be the dive business that continues to meet their social or recreational needs, you need to develop and maintain an ongoing relationship.

Newsletters keep you in touch with your customer base and helps you communicate what you are doing to maintain your relationships. In a typical monthly newsletter you could write an article about how your customers are using your products. A “Shows & Events” article keeps your customers current with dive shows and product demos. You could include an article about a dive trip you just returned from or about a trip you are planning in the near future. Not to overdue it, but a monthly sale promotion may be welcomed by your readers. You may want to include guest writers in your newsletter so you don’t have to do all the work yourself.

Here are some of the monthly newsletters we republish for our Members in our DIA Weekly News Press Release Service:  Click on any of the names and it will take you to a web version of their current newsletter.  If these companies continue to send us their newsletters, they will be published in our weekly press release service, which is automatically sent to our facebook Profile and three FaceBook Pages.  It is also sent to our LinkedIn account and Twitter.  A number of Media Partners of ours republish ur press releases.  The press release then gets archived to our trade web site page and very shortly will be posted to a "Newsletters" Page on our consumer web site.  All along the way, these newslettters pick up additional readers and all of them are given a chance to subscribe for free to the newsletter if it catches their interest.  Now, what other association is doing that for you now?

Bill Beard Costa Rica

Dive Industry Association

Miss Scuba

  Scuba Travel Ventures

Splash Dive Center Belize

St Croix Ultimate Bluewater Adventures

Orlando, Florida - Sep 6-8, 2018

Exhibits at Surf Expo: Surf Expo will open its doors on September 6th for three days of watersports equipment and fashion apparel. Over 4,000 brands will be represented.



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