Dive Around Texas 2012

Dive Around Texas 2012 - Local Diving in Texas reaches a Record Success: 

On Sunday, October 7, 2012, the Fourth Annual Dive Around Texas Challenge welcomed over 105 divers to its elite membership. Divers gathered from all over the State of Texas on the banks of the San Marcos River to recognize those divers that registered and completed at least 12 divers since January 1, 2012.


Dive Around Texas 2012 challenges divers to sign up with a participating Dive Retailers (over 35 Retailers in Texas) and start diving.  Upon signing up they receive an event T-shirt and a brochure from Texas Parks & Wildlife titled "Scuba Diving 101" that lists many of the great spots in Texas to dive.  Texas offers lakes, rivers, quarries, the Gulf of Mexico and even a Missile Silo.

Dive Around Texas Recognition Day culminated on Sunday Oct 7th with 105 divers completing the challenge to dive 12 times in 4 locations around the great state of Texas. As a direct result of Dive Around Texas there were over 3700 dives logged in Texas in 2012. That brings the 4 year total to over 16,000 dives done in Texas. AMAZING…

The culmination of Dive Around Texas was the prize awards with over $13,000 in prizes given away to lucky divers. The winning diver was recently certified and had logged 40 dives in Dive Around Texas. A Special Thanks to Beth Oliveria of Blackbeard’s Cruises in the Bahamas for their Grand Prize donation. Thanks to all the Dive Retailers, Dive Manufacturers, Dive Reps and Diver Training Agencies that donated prizes to the success of Dive Around Texas 2012.

A HUGE Thanks to the retailers that worked tirelessly to help at the event. Doug Peters (with Brandy, Sheila, Zac) from Sea Sports in Houston; Rebecca Jacobs and Gene Dion (and Steve & Jennie Woerner) from WW Diving in Humble; Mike from Scuba Divers Paradise; Brain Warner, Connie, Bill Yost, Brittney from Ascuba Ventures; Brian Poulin from ScubaSphere in Ft. Worth; CB Kloppe and Sue from Grapevine Scuba; Alex from Oceanic Ventures; Greg Gephardt from TUSA; Gordon Apons from P.A.D.I.; Tom Kurras from Cressi Sub and Eric, Jenny & Abby Peterson of SSI all contributed to the success of the event.

Two Special Awards were given this year. One to the Female Diver with the Most Dives –The Judith Peters Award and to the Male Diver with the Most Dives – The Jim Mapes Award.

Watch for details about www.DiveAroundTexas.com in 2013 on the web site and keep logging those Texas dives.


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