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Buddy Dive Liveaboards: Proud to announce the COMPLETE Galapagos Experience Itinerary

Paul Coolen - Manager, March 2013: “We are proud to announce a new and improved itinerary for you on our Buddy Dive Galapagos Liveaboards: The MY Darwin Buddy & MY Wolf Buddy. After months of careful planning along with park authorities, we may now offer our guests a COMPLETE Galapagos experience with the addition of exciting and unique land tours and optional night dives.”


Land tours include the famous highlands of Santa Cruz – where giant Galapagos tortoises roam, and Bartolome island – with its breathtaking views and fascinating flora and fauna, just to name a few.

Exciting night diving experiences are now permitted and we will offer the most breathtaking of locations to choose from where the pelagics all come out to play in the dark!   Since permission has just recently been granted to provide access to night diving in the Galapagos islands, if you have a cruise planned soon the equipment (torches, strobes, etc.) may not be available on-board yet. Please note that you must plan in advance with us in the meantime – we will do everything possible to accommodate your night dives, just mention your requirements to us when booking.

Due to the changes in park regulations in the Galapagos Islands, we were able to compliment our current itinerary with some new additions making ours the most complete possible. With all of these positive changes – such as the addition of land tours and night diving, comes just one limitation - the removal of the possibility for Rebreather support in the islands. We are permitted to continue support for Nitrox divers (free of charge) as well as sidemount and other tech configurations but are unfortunately unable to accommodate Rebreathers any longer.

Overall the changes to park regulations have had a predominantly positive impact and we are happy to now offer this complete itinerary, allowing you to make the most of your Galapagos “Bucket List” adventure – both above and below the water line, day & night!

To check availability/dates and book your own Galapagos adventure aboard the sleek Buddy Dive Motor Yachts contact our reservations team: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Learn more and download the complete itinerary: www.buddydive-galapagos.com

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